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Argonne National LaboratoryBeagle Data CongressBeagle Dog Experiments
Consequences to Man of an Exposure to Ra-226Continuous external Co-60 gamma-ray exposure, at various dose rates, terminated at various total doses
Daily injections Strontium-90Duration-of-Life Gamma-Irradiation of Young Adult BeaglesExternal Co-60 gamma-ray exposure, continued until death
Gamma-ray exposure during pregnancyInhalation Toxicology Research InstituteJanus
Janus Mouse ExperimentsLeukemogenesis: Duration-of-Life Gamma-Irradiation of Young Adult BeaglesLithium and Potassium Study
Lovelace ExperimentsMain Page
Participating InstitutionsSingle intravenous injection of cerium citrate solution
Single intravenous injection of cerium citrate solution2Single intravenous injection of cesium solutionTransplacental exposure from dams injected with Strontium-90 1 to 9 Days prepartum
Various Groups from Stock, Breeders etc.Various Studies Dealing with Hematological ChangesVarious Studies Dealing with the Development of Different Techniques and Procedures
Various Studies Dealing with the Thyroid, the Adrenal and the Action of RadioIodineVarious Studies after Acute Exposure and Effects on Reticuloendothelial System
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