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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I order tissues?


First, find the tissue samples that you would like to request. Then fill out a request form specifying the dog numbers, tissues, reason for your request, and institutional affiliation of request. Please specify the types of controls that you will need or find them yourself using the search. We recommend using control dogs that were alive in the same era as your experimental dogs because their treatment conditions will have been similar.

Q: How much do tissues cost?


Our service is free because of generous grants from NASA and the Department of Energy. We only require that you pay the cost of shipping, which we will specify when we receive your request.

Q: Where can I find the original study documentation?


The original study documentation is contained in the publication "Life-Span Effects of Ionizing Radiation In The Beagle Dog" (PDF). For more information about the studies, visit our documentation page.

Q: What is the purpose of this website?


We seek to make available the animal tissue samples from experiments, carried out at the Lovelace Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute and the University of Utah. These experiments investigated the effects of ionizing radiation on beagle dogs. We hope that the samples contained in this unique archive will produce new results under the scrutiny of a new generation of techniques and researchers.

How do I access the study databases?


All of the databases used in building this website are available on the data page.

What are the definitions in this study?


Many definitions were used in the Lovelace Tissue Archives. Please refer to the documentation page for details and write us if you have a particular unanswered question.

What other irradiated animal tissue archives are available?


A number of national laboratories were commmisioned to test the effects of irradiation on a variety of animals. Our lab also hosts an irradiated mouse tissue archive from the Janus Irradiation Experiments, and another beagle tissue archive from Argonne National Laboratory. The other studies are detailed by Charles Watson at the National Radiobiology Archives. The European Radiobiological Archive also maintains a large collection of data and samples from irradiation experiments.

Other Questions


For questions that are not addressed on this website regarding the site, studies, errors, or suggestions, please contact Philippe Chlenski.