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Following the advent of the atomic age, many nations have investigated the effects of radioactive exposure in animal models. Some of these investigations involved costly and unique experiments that produced tissue and data archives which are unlikely to be reproduced. In an effort to extract the value from these collections, programs have started in Japan, Europe, and America to preserve and make public the data and tissues from these studies for further investigation.

The Beagle Dog Experiments, carried out at Argonne National Laboratory from 1952 to 1991 by Thomas Fritz, William Norris, and Tom Seed and supported by grants from the Atomic Energy Commission, investigated the effects of Cobalt-60 radiation on beagle dogs. Documentation from these studies is availible in pdf form.

This web portal seeks to make accessible the animal tissues and study data from the Beagle Dog Experiments using data organized by Charles Watson. Use the search form to the left to look for dog data from particular experimental conditions. Click on a section with the expansion icon to specify search criteria in more detail. Each search will return a list of matching dogs. Click a dog number to return the full dog record. Use the dog record to find tissues of interest and make a sample tissue request.

Dog Details

The Dog Details section allows the user to specify the dog number, gender, lifespan, cause of death, and types of pathological and clinical observations. Click 'Dog Details' to reveal the hidden search options. Details of the cause of death and observations are noted in each individual dog's record.

Dog #The unique numerical identifier used to reference the dog throughout the study.
Cause of Death The observed COD was divided into broad categories defined by the original study.
Observations Our categorization of the clinical and pathological observations recorded in the original study.
Locations Our categorization of the locations in which clinical or pathological observations were recorded in the original study.

Organs & Tissues

Many of the Dog's tissue samples were embedded in paraffin blocks. Select the organ system of interest to find the corresponding tissues. Each individual dog record shows the exact tissues avaliable. By default, the search excludes dogs from which no tissue samples were recovered. Click 'Include Dogs w/o Tissues' to veiw all dogs.


Experimental Beagle Dogs were subjected to either chronic gamma irradiation exposure (22 hours/day) by cobalt-60 reactor or to more intense fractionated exposure using this same reactor. To limit conditions check the box corresponding to the treatment. From the new options select the dose rate, exposure time, total dose, or the in utero only option.