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We support statistical efforts to analyze the data from these archives by providing data for download in csv format. We recommend consulting the study documentation for details on the experiments. We also recommend that you contact Ben Haley for information on study parameters, definitions, and additional data.

Data Description
Observation tables include the total number of observations, average age, and average remaining lifespan for all dogs. Categorization tables link observations to their category. Clinical observations are those made using bodily fluids and microscopic technique. Pathological observations are made by disease observation.

CSV Files
*all 4709 dogs are listed in the same order in each csv file
demographics and dosage - All dogs by experiment, lifespan, gender, and radiation dosage

Pathological Observations
observations (age) - for all dogs by the age of observation
observations (count) - count for all dogs
categorizations - by category
averages - frequency and average age of observation
counts - counts by study
category frequency and averages by category

Clinical Observations
categories (age) - by category
observations (count) - count for all dogs
observations - for all dogs by the age of observation
by category frequency and averages by category
counts - counts by study
averages - frequency and average age of observation

Original Database Tables
basics - demographics and study conditions for each dog
clinical - clinical observations by dog number
cobalt chronic - exposure conditions for continuously exposed dogs
cobalt fractionated - exposure conditions for fractionally exposed dogs
complete blood counts - results of a periodic full blood exam, e.g. WBC and HCT
controls - control dogs and their associated study
studies - study descriptions from the ERA
groups - study group descriptions from teh ERA
organs - preserved organs by dog
organ types - organs by category
pathologies - pathological observations by dog
surgeries - surgeries by dog
treatments - medicinal treatments by dog

Download Full Databases A full copy of the database is available to users who want to dig deeply into the data. Please consult us for help interpreting these tables.
mdb zip - The full database as it was given to us by Chuck Watson in 2006
sql dump zip - The full database used on our website as of July 2010 ( modification are rare )

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