Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Formal Coursework

The following courses are required of each program participant. Many of these courses are part of Northwestern University's Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Program. Trainees wishing to earn an MSCI must take two additional courses.

  • Intro to Biostatistics
  • Intermediate Biostatistics
  • Drug Development Process
  • Clinical Trials
  • Tumor Cell Biology
  • Ethical Issues in Clinical Research
  • Writing and Peer Reviewing for Publication
  • Colloquium on Integrity in Biomedical Research
  • Survey of Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials
  • In Vitro Biological Applications of Nanomaterials
  • Nanomaterials in Animals/Humans

Mentored Laboratory Research

Participation in a nanotechnology laboratory project that entails the preclinical testing of a nanoparticle/device that is relevant to tumor imaging or radiation oncology, including ideally, testing in small animals. Trainees can select projects directed by one or more laboratory mentors affiliated with the training program.

Mentored Clinical Research

Participation in the planning, implementation, and analysis phases of a tumor imaging or radiation oncology clinical trial (see clinical mentors). This requirement will be partially or completely waived for trainees with previous clinical research experience.

Mock Grant Proposal

Preparation of an NIH-type mock research grant that proposes the clinical testing of a nanoparticle or device. This proposal should incorporate preclinical research data that has been generated during the trainee's participation in the laboratory research project.